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Privacy and this website

Every time a user connects to this website and transfers data from it, certain data about this transaction is recorded. These records are not in any way connected to the person transfering the data from the server, nor can the maintainer of the site see which data was being transferred by whom.

The data being recorded is:

Not being recorded is the IP-address of the computer requesting the transfer. No personal profiles of browsing behavior on this site can be build.

The recorded data is being used for statistical purposes and are not being transferred to third parties.

As you might have noticed in the upper right-hand corner, I link to the German anti data Retention website

Hmmm, now that I want to do a nice write-up about it and explain why privacy on the internet is so important to me, and why I want to get my website certified with a ‘no, I do not monitor your IP and your browsing behavior on my site’ logo, both sites seem to be unreachable…

Well, more about it soon, then ;)

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